SERVICES: contemporary art  design  consulting

  • Contemporary – our focus is on contemporary art and design consulting.  Although we respect traditional aesthetics we feel that in order to due justice to our clients we must focus.  Our real passion is contemporary in nature.
  • Art – we have more than 30 years of relationship/reputation building behind us.  Art and design are always changing and we continue to seek out new work and new relationships.  We are not limited by our past but supported by it.
  • Design – design is a significant aspect of our homes as well as our peace of mind.  Without good design the art that we select as well as our environments are compromised.  We are passionate about good design suited to a specific environment and the individuals occupying it.

  • Consulting – our aim is to create the best possible combinations for you and your space.  Not only are art and design critical to create the best environment for you but their relationship to each other are as well.  They must be effectively integrated in order to be successful while reflecting your personal nature and taste.  We begin with your needs and priorities.

We assist with:


space planning

furniture design

art selection

art installation

art framing