Seb Hamamjian has more than 30 years of professional experience in the fields of art, craft and design.  In 1978 he opened the first Tercera Gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As one of the original galleries in the country to integrate craft with fine art, Tercera Gallery became highly regarded in the Bay Area and nationally, representing not only painters and sculptors, but also craftsman/designers who carved their reputations into nationally recognized artists.  In 1983 he opened Sharon Park Gallery in Menlo Park, CA and was eventually joined by  his sister JoAnn Edwards, to open a second Tercera Gallery in Palo Alto,  purveying art and craft to some of the most prominent figures of Silicon Valley. In 1999 they joined forces to open a 3rd Tercera Gallery in San Francisco. In 2004 San Francisco Museum of Craft+Design was founded by Seb Hamamjian and JoAnn Edwards which was a culmination of three fields of passion…art, craft and design.  Currently all three physical galleries have ceased operations. Hamamjian’s efforts are focused on Hamamjian Modern, an art and design consulting firm specializing in the integration of art, craft and design.